Review: Crazy Little Thing Called Lust

Crazy Little Thing Called Lust
Crazy Little Thing Called Lust by Serena Akeroyd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So Zane is married: to Jake!

Is it the end of a beautiful, lusty, romance before it has even really started? Of course not! There would be no more story to tell.

Some of the descriptions of the sex scenes, particularly the details of Mona’s amazing orgasms, are terrific. It makes the reader wonder if the author is writing from personal experience. It must be the most enjoyable possible research if that is true.

There are lots of great twists and turns, many unexpected, in these stories. Yet again, at the end of book two, we are left wondering what will happen next and feeling sorry for poor Mona. Will her life ever be straightforward? I hope not!

Time to read on: [b:All That Glitters…|18685969|All That Glitters… (Naughty Nookie, #3)|Serena Akeroyd||25760214].

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