Review: If History Was Scottish

If History Was Scottish
If History Was Scottish by Norman Ferguson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a gift from my dear sister, Kim. It was a really great gift and I appreciated it.

The concept is very simple. It consists a series of short quotes, or quotes as they could’ve been had the whole universe been Scottish, from creation to the modern day.

It doesn’t take long to read through, and it had me chuckling from start to finish. Furthermore, it is a book that I happily keep at my bedside to dip into if I want to go to sleep on a good laugh. I suppose some would see it as the ideal book to plant in their guest cloakroom.

I cannot resist the urge to lift a few examples to share with you as tasters.

‘And God looked upon the world he had created.
And it wasnae bad.’


‘Did I hear right, there’s a free tablet going?’

‘I never thought the Prophecies would sell so well.
Didnae see that coming.’


‘I cannot tell a lie.
A big boy cut that tree doon and ran away.’

George Washington

‘I did not have rumpy-pumpy, hanky-panky, nookie or how’s yer faither wi’ that wee lassie, Miss Lewinsky.’
President Bill Clinton

Admittedly, you need a Scottish connection to understand some of the quotes, but you’ll get the gist and enjoy it.

Get yourself a copy, and you’ll soon be buying more copies as gifts for your friends and relations.

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