British Stereotypes

British Stereotypes

British Stereotypes

My mother was from Sutherland in the far north of Scotland. My father is from South Yorkshire.

BUT….. I deny that I am either a Wildling or that I am Fighty!

If you want to argue about that, you can meet me on the moors at noon.
Bring your own weapon.

About Lance Greenfield

Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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11 Responses to British Stereotypes

  1. Lili says:

    I’m one of those arrogant wankers from London, of course! 🙂

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  2. Wendy Kate says:

    I come from the bit marked ‘hippies’, and there’s a lot of truth in that… 😉

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  3. Damn. I’ve spent a whole blog writing about this kind of stuff, and somebody cracks it with one map! (I’m one of those arrogant Londoners, obviously)

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  4. luciemuses says:

    This map is fun. I wonder if I am a Central European stereotype and what is it.

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  5. Interesting that the Aran Islands are known for Father Ted. The annual Ted Fest is in a few weeks. It is quite an event here for sure, but surprised to see it having such the reputation. 🙂 This whole map quite funny!

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