Green Party in Winchester and NW Hampshire

The Green Party haven’t had a parliamentary candidate in Winchester or NW Hampshire in this millennium! It is about time that voters had a real alternative, with decent values, to the main three Parties. I say “decent values”, because I consider those of the trending UKIP to be absolutely appalling. The UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, appears to me to be a modern day reincarnation of Enoch Powell and Reginald Molesley. It is very scary that he is able to drum up such support through a campaign of misinformation.

Those of you who take the time to scrutinize the values and pledges of the political Parties will discover that most of you are closest to those of the Green Party. So, by rights, they should win the general election.

The biggest problem for the Green Party is funding. Whilst the other Parties can rely upon large personal and corporate donations, the Green Party rely upon much smaller donations from grass root members.

Please watch this video and help my two local constituencies if you live anywhere near me, or decide to help out your own local Green Party.


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One Response to Green Party in Winchester and NW Hampshire

  1. pendantry says:

    I hear that the UK Green Party is forging ahead. Here’s to better times, eh?


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