Big Data – The Genie is out of the Bottle!

Companies who are serious about their future success need to be serious about their most valuable resources. It has long been recognized that people are a top resource for many companies. Some have already recognized that big data is also high value, so much so that it becomes their life-blood. These companies will surge ahead of their competitors who do not recognize this fact.
My recommendation is that businesses should show buy-in at the very highest level, and appoint themselves a Chief Data Officer with a seat on the board. That person mist be connected first of all to the strategic business goals of his or her company, ahead of the enabling technologies that allow optimal exploitation of the huge mass of available complex data. Looking at it the other way around, “What data do we have and how can we put it to best use?”, is starting at the wrong end of the track, in my opinion. Knowing your business goals, then being able to collect the right data and analyse quickly to come up with the correct answers fast, makes you a winner.
The data that you need for your business is somewhere out there in the IOT. You just need to know how to get at it and how to use it.
Chip’s article really gets you thinking. Well worth a read.

Where Ideas, Experiences, and Lessons Learned Intersect

Back in early 2011 myself and 15 other members of the Executive team at Ingres were taking a bet on the future of our company. We knew that we needed to do something big and bold, and decided to build what we thought the standard data platform would be in 5-7 years. A small minority of the people on that team did not believe this was possible and left, while the rest of us focused on making that happen. There were three strategic acquisitions to fill-in the gaps on our Big Data platform. Today (as Actian) we have nearly achieved our goal. It was a leap of faith back then, but our vision turned out to be spot-on and our gamble is paying off today.

Every day my mailbox is filled with stories, seminars, white papers, etc. about Big Data. While it feels like this is becoming more mainstream, it…

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