Saint Valentine’s Day was yesterday. Loving Day is EVERY day!

Tulips for Joy

Tulips for Joy

Today is the 36th anniversary of the day that I met my darling wife, Joy, in the Cricketers pub at Longparish. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Which day do you think is more important to me? Yet another commercial exploit-the-public day, or the day that I met my true love?

Valentine’s day is just like every other day of the year to me.

My love for Joy is continuous and endless! Loving Day is EVERY day for me.

To prove my point, I just received an email from an only vendor entitled “Valentines Sale EXTENDED”. You can guess the content.

So please excuse the following rant. I get really wound up by commercial days. There are more of them: Valentine’s, Trick or Treat, Father’s, Mother’s, Christmas, Easter, Black Monday, Black Friday, Red Wednesday, Digital Tuesday, Triffick Thursday, Gullibility Saturday….. OK, I’m making them up now, but you get my point.

In recent years, I have managed to come to terms with Trick or Treat, which is a robbery with menaces event imported from America. I actually look forward to the evening.

It is time to drag out one of my favourite recipes: mustard filled chocolates.

Hahahaha kids! Here’s a trick from me!


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14 Responses to Saint Valentine’s Day was yesterday. Loving Day is EVERY day!

  1. Happy Meet-a-versary. ❤

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  2. LivingPeace says:

    This is class. Happy anniversary. You have one happy follower here 🙂

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    • Thanks. Glad I make you happy. Nothing makes me happier than making somebody else happy – seriously.

      Here’s something else that you may think is class. We got married four months after we met, and many friends and family said “It’ll never last.” How wrong they were.

      I was a young soldier at the time, and Joy was a few years older than me (still is!), and had three children. We had no money. The wedding breakfast was ploughman’s and champagne. I paid for the cheese, bread and pickle. The landlord of the pub gave us the champagne on the house.

      Now, that IS class!

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  3. sassycare says:

    I love those tulips! Was that your gift to Joy? I hope they are! They’re lovely! I find it quite romantic that you remember the exact day you met your wife. My husband and I don’t remember ours exactly! LOL!

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    • I didn’t get her a Valentine’s gift. Not even a card. I really mean what I say in my post about Valentine’s Day (commercial) and Love Day (every day). So we deliberately don’t line the pockets of the moguls on such days.
      But the tulips were a gift from me to Joy. I bought them on Tuesday, which was just one of the 365 Love Days scheduled for this year!


      • sassycare says:

        LOL.. that’s a good idea. That way, she can’t really predict when she’s going to receive them and you’ll save her disappointments when she’s the only one who doesn’t have flowers on love day (commercial)! Very practical, Mr Greenfield!

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      • She’s always surprised and delighted when I walk in with a gift, even when it is something not very romantic such as a replacement for the back-scrubber that she broke a couple of weeks ago! As you say: practical!


      • sassycare says:

        I’m sure you more than make up of for your more-practical-than-romantic inclinations with your good humour and youthful conversations. No wonder she’s always delighted. Good on you!


  4. Love this post!

    Time is measured in moments not hours minutes and seconds…and those moments should certainly not be defined by commercialism and marketing, telling how and when to express our love to our partners.

    True story:

    I had a friend who said she didn’t like Valentine’s Day because “…it’s just too commercialised”.

    I replied “But you like Christmas, don’t you?”

    “Yes” she said, “but I get presents then!”

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