Is Work A Four Letter Word?

When I start to build a new team, one of the earliest tasks is to list our team objectives. Before any other suggestions make it on to the list, I write down number one:

1. To have fun

Over the years, I have been challenged by some senior executives on this. They seem to think that I cannot be taking the business seriously. On the contrary, I am VERY serious. If we are having fun in our work, we deliver better, with better quality. Our customers appreciate this, and we will gain more business. If we were miserable, we would deliver badly, or, at best, in a mediocre way. This would not be good for future business.

So, take it to the work place and have fun!

Running with Buddha

When people said, “I enjoy my work,”  I usually do a double-take on them.  I want to see if they are saying it as if they meant it or were just being politically correct.

If indeed truly meant it, these people are the lucky few.  According to the Gallup poll, reported by the Washington Post, only 13% people fall into that category worldwide.

In fact, the article went to say that majority of the folks surveyed (63%) are not motivated about their work and 24% are truly unhappy and unproductive. That is a pretty convincing 87% if you ask me.

What is wrong with that picture?  Here are a few of my thoughts:

  • unhappy work creates unproductive people
  • root causes in education, recruitment, or both
  • wastes and inefficiencies equate lost of profit
  • definitely rooms for improvements

What do you think?

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4 Responses to Is Work A Four Letter Word?

  1. nydia says:

    Couldn’t agree more. You can tell when someone really enjoys what they do and who they do it with. Even in the interviewing stage, how candidates talk about their former teams, projects or accomplishments shows what they really care about and what makes them happy at work. Great thoughts here, Lance! Thanks for visiting Poor Mexican Gone, too. Appreciate it!

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    • When interviewing, there is one attribute that I look for above all else: attitude.

      HR people have told me, in the past, that the person that i have selected does not match the skill set that I specified or that her psychometric tests indicate that she is not a good fit for the company.

      “Pah! She will soon have the right skills, and she has the right attitude for MY team. Make her an offer!”

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  2. luciemuses says:

    I am having fun in my work. Even this morning when I saw my psychotic patient who told neI was Satan and then told me to pray! Does Satan pray? To whom? I am a confused atheist.
    And my job is never boring.

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