THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD – goes to Lance Greenfield

The Versatile Blogger Award

What can I say?

I am amazed and honoured, and even excited, to have received this award after being nominated by PeaceCrafting, who has a wonderful blog which I encourage you to visit.

My blog started out after I was encouraged by a fellow author, Eloise de Sousa, to put myself about a bit. The original objective was, and still is, to raise visibility of my debut novel, Eleven Miles, and any subsequent novels that might publish.

That was back in December 2014. At that time, I never imagined what fun I would be having. Again, with Eloise’s encouragement, I joined Blogging 101 in January. What a hoot! And I learned so much and did so much with my blog as I worked through the assignments. I would really encourage anyone who hasn’t already followed Blogging 101 to do so next time it comes up. It is very worthwhile and it is a lot of fun.

As you can see, if you take the time to explore my blog, there is quite a variety of content here. Apart from telling you about my two books, Eleven Miles and When Pleasure Blooms, you’ll find much to amuse you under the Titbits tab. I post lots of book reviews on here, which are linked to my Goodreads profile.

My posts which followers seem to enjoy most are my Coach Tours. The latest was number 4. The idea behind these is to socialise with fellow bloggers in a slightly different way to the coffee mornings, to which I love being invited. Lance’s Coach Tours are not just any old day trips. I am lucky enough to own a time-travelling bus, which takes me and my passengers back in time to visit characters who have influenced the history of mankind. Needless to say, as all good tour operators should, I have reconnoitered the routes, and am already well acquainted with the characters whom we visit, and their periods. Having these famous people already awaiting our arrival makes the tours even more enjoyable. Take a look at Coach Tour #4. If you like it, you might follow the links to the previous three.

I hope you enjoy exploring my blog and that you will give me plenty of feedback.

I am very happy to accept this award. Thank you PeaceCrafting!

My nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award

Now I would like to nominate the following marvelous blogs that I have been following with interest for some time.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo (I don’t mind admitting that this is my personal favourite)
S.C. Skillman’s Blog (Fellow author)
Lucie Muses (Another fellow author)
Silver Threading (A good writer, but doing so much more with her retirement)
Ordinary life of an ordinary wife (hilarious, but maybe not be for all)
Flavored Lemons (Nice variety of flavors from Down Under)
Kneal1 (Krissy’s) Poetry (Loving these poems)
Perelincolors (Good photography with a monthly tech challenge)
Refractory Ramblings from the Dark Side (if you skip the rest, please read CC’s accounts of living with DID and Fibromyalgia)
Vashti Quiroz-Vega’s Blog (writing, poetry, travel and so much more)
Seafarrwide (More interesting writing from Down Under. Fun! Love the dancing!)
The Mission to Mars (Follow your dreams. She fits exactly to my heroine in Eleven Miles)
Part Time Monster (Already twice nominated, but worth a third! Join her #weekendcoffeeshare)
Hugh’s Views and News (A star blogger, if ever there was one)

There are so many more blogs that I have enjoyed over the past four months that I have been blogging, but I am limiting my nominations to just fifteen. Just click on some of the Blogs I Follow to the right of this post, and enjoy yourself.

Finally, to fulfill the conditions of my award, and these are the conditions that all recipients must follow, so please do so if you have been nominated by me, I must state the rules of the award and list seven things about myself that you may not know.

The Seven things about myself that you may not know

1. I went to a Naval School, HMS Conway, on Anglesey in North Wales.
2. I have been lucky enough to visit around 80 countries in my life. I always learn a little of the language, and love to immerse myself in the local cultures and cuisines.
3. I have three step-children, six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They keep me young!
4. I keep myself fit by playing [field] hockey, since the age of seven, and running.
5. My favourite cities are Barcelona, Hong Kong, New Orleans and San Francisco.
6. There are so many different things to love about the countries that I have visited, but one of my favourites is Ecuador. What more could one ask for than The Andes, The Amazonian rain forest, the coastal plain (comes fourth on this list) and the Galapagos Islands (top of the list!)?
7. My favourite reading genres are historical fiction, but it has to be good, and time-travel.

The Award Rules

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you follow.
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.

Full details of the award can be found on the VBA website through this link.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon!

About Lance Greenfield

Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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3 Responses to THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD – goes to Lance Greenfield

  1. Silver Threading says:

    Lance, thank you again for nominating me. I went award free in January 2015. However, I have an awards page that I will add your name to. That way others will be able to find you also! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Lance! You’re very deserving of this award. I’m honored by the nomination. Thank you very much. 😀 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for the award, Lance. I am very honoured that you mentioned me.

    My blog went award free a few months ago, but I am very humbled that you thought of me and my blog when nominating fellow bloggers. Thank you so much.


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