Are good doctors also good actors and should doctoress be a word?

I love the way that Lucie thinks, and then the way that she shares her thoughts with us all.

Lucie Muses

As always Victo Dolore with her Behind the White Coat blog is a great inspiration for my blog posts.
She blogged in her own serious manner about the pain doctors feel when their patients die or suffer.

In my reply, I compared my job to a job of an actress ( I know the politically correct thing might be to say actor like doctor, but I am old fashioned and I would prefer calling myself a “ doctoress” if there was such word). That way people would know I am a woman!

I remember watching a concert of a famous Czech chansonniere Hana Hegerova. She sung either Czech translations of songs by Gilbert Becaud, Jacque Brel or Edit Piaf, but mainly original Czech songs. Every song was a small theatre performance and a story. There were little accidental bits in the concert- her tripping over or supressing a chuckle, spontaneous charming…

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