UK Elections – I am a candidate!

Flyer 2015

Yes. It is true. I am standing as a candidate to become a Councillor on Test Valley Borough Council, representing the Andover Harroway ward.

Also standing for the Green Party in this ward are Joy Mitchell and Laura Marriner.

It is time to have Green voices on the Council, so, if you live in this area, please vote for all three of us if you are an elector in this ward.

In Andover Millway ward, there are two Green Party candidates standing: Dean Marriner and Carol Bartholomew.

If you are voting in Millway, and want Green voices on the council, this is VERY IMPORTANT: only use TWO of your three available votes. Don’t just put your third cross against another candidate because that knocks a hole in the totals for Dean and Carol, and warms the seat for one of the other candidates. Just an oddity of our voting system.

But this is trivial compared to the really big news.

My friend, Dan Hill, is the Green Party candidate for the Parliamentary (General) Election.

Dan is the only truly LOCAL candidate standing for Parliament in the NW Hampshire constituency. The rest have been parachuted in to the constituency by their parties, and have only tenuous links with the area. If you live in the constituency, please vote for him. He is the ONLY candidate qualified to represent YOU, the people of NW Hampshire.

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2 Responses to UK Elections – I am a candidate!

  1. Best of luck! Go Green!!

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  2. julz says:

    WOW – that was fast!

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