Do UKIP have all the answers? Possibly!

The honest answer to my own question is that

I don’t know!

I really do not know, and it is quite possible that none of us will never know.

It is their own fault. All they seem to be able to tell us about are the negative impacts of immigration into the United Kingdom. These are, in my opinion, insignificant when weighed against the tremendous positive impacts that these people have on our national economy.

Apart from the tiny minority who are reported upon by the media and by UKIP, we have huge numbers of people coming from abroad who work hard, pay their taxes into our treasury, and buy domestic goods and services. Yes, they send some money home, but that is after they have made these contributions.

Without the immigrant workforce, many of our services, for example the NHS and public transport, would collapse. They are doing jobs which our native youth will not accept.

If I ask a UKIP candidate what she will do about the state of British education, she will tell me that she will send the immigrants home because they are flooding the system and preventing British kids from attending their school of choice.

If I ask a UKIP candidate what he will do about the state of the British health services, he will tell me that he will send the immigrants home because they are taking the beds of the British people who have paid for them all of their lives.

What I’d like to know is, once the UKIP government have sent all of these immigrants “home”, would they take steps recall all of the estimated six million British citizens who are living and working abroad? I suppose they would. It is only fair!

And what puzzles me most of all is trying to understand why so many thousands of British voters seem to be taken in by these crazy UKIP arguments. Of course, many of them, like the candidates themselves, are disaffected Tories, but that still does not explain this strange phenomenon.

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