On ‘Important Distinctions’ and An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

This is a re-blog of Juliana Farha’s post. Juliana is the second wife of Kit Malthouse who is NW Hampshire’s newly elected MP, Deputy Mayor of London and director of a few companies related to the finance house that he founded more than a decade ago. He refuses to give up any of the latter jobs in order to take his new duties of representing the people of my area a little more seriously.

Anyway, have a read of Juliana’s blog post. What she tells us about in this article is much more important than any petty domestic political quarrels that we may have.

She concludes with:
Mr Cameron tells us he stands with Israel. I stand with human dignity, the right to self determination, and respect for international law. Sadly, this is the critical distinction on which we appear to disagree entirely.

Those of you who know me well will understand why this drives me to tears of despair. The biggest passion in my life is the way that people treat people. My passion is aroused by Juliana’s post. I feel very sad right now.

Two Words: Notes and Observations

I was startled by Tuesday’s story on the homepage of The Independent website that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron made an 11th hour election declaration affirming his unequivocal support for Israel. In particular, Mr Cameron draws an ‘important distinction’ between Israel’s right to ‘self defence’ and Hamas’s ‘indiscriminate’ firing of rockets into Israel from Gaza last summer.

A cynic might connect Mr Cameron’s timing with a perception that the Labour leader Ed Miliband has lost the so-called ‘Jewish vote’, and a desire to shore up that support for his own party. Regardless, coming just a week after a UN report confirmed that Israel knowingly targeted UNRWA schools sheltering civilians during the Gaza siege, and 12 days after DCI-Palestine released ‘Operation Protective Edge: A War Waged on Gaza’s Children‘, Mr Cameron’s dubious characterisation of the 51-day Gaza siege and the unwavering support for Israel that results from these…

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