We’re all DOOMED!

We're all doomedThis country is as good as f#cked!
Excuse my language, but I despair for the United Kingdom over the next five years.

To quote Private Fraser from Dad’s Army, “We’re all DOOMED!”

Our new Conservative government have already made it clear that they will:

  1. Repeal of the Human Rights Act 2011
    How could anyone oppose any of the following?

    • Right to life
    • Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
    • Right to liberty and security
    • reedom from slavery and forced labour
    • Right to a fair trial
    • No punishment without law
    • Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence
    • Freedom of thought, belief and religion
    • Freedom of expression
    • Freedom of assembly and association
    • Right to marry and start a family
    • Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms
    • Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
    • Right to education
    • Right to participate in free elections
  2. The continuation of the privatization of the NHS
    This has always been the hidden agenda of the Conservative Party
  3. The re-legalization of barbaric fox-hunting
    Another Tory policy to appease the landed gentry (Party donors)
  4. More suicides due to the impact of the bedroom tax with further increases
    …. by increasing the bedroom tax by applying it to other categories of renters other than just social housing tenants.
  5. Abolition of tax credits
  6. Suppression of the minimum wage (where I would wish to see a raise to a living wage)
  7. Continuation of zero hour contracts – but re-named as  ‘flexible hours contracts’
    The Work and Pensions Secretary said they were good for workers’ “work-life balance” and should be renamed as “flexible-hours contracts”.
  8. Reduction of the recognized “full-time” working week for qualification for benefits to 12 hours rather than the current 25 hours
  9. Scrapping housing benefit for youngsters
    Those under the age of 21 who are claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance will be barred from claiming housing benefit. Tough benefit sanctions introduced by Iain Duncan Smith have led many claimants to rely on food banks, according to the Trussell Trust charity
  10. Abolition of statutory maternity pay
    Leaked plans outline proposals to abolish statutory maternity pay. Alternative proposals suggest getting employers to contribute more to the cost of statutory pay.
  11. Cuts to disability benefits
    The Disability Living Allowance, Personal Independence Payments and Attendance Allowance would no longer be tax free if these plans took affect.
  12. Carers could be targeted too
    The Carer’s Allowance could also be hit by restricting those eligible for Universal Credit, which would lead to 40 per cent of claimants losing out.

Iain Duncan Smith is back in charge of benefits cuts! 

David Cameron has reappointed Iain Duncan Smith as Work and Pensions Secretary, meaning he will be in charge of making the huge benefit cuts the Conservatives pledged in their manifesto.

The man who presided over the ‘bedroom tax’ and the £26,000 benefits cap now has to find a further £12 billion in welfare savings.

The pledge – which will hit the working age poor – was one of the most controversial parts of the Conservative manifesto.

But during the campaign they only said where £2 billion of these savings would come from. With a further £10 billion to find, here are eleven reasons people are worried about Mr Duncan Smith returning to the Department for Work and Pensions.

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  2. julz says:

    hi Lance – you have said this so much better than my version, that I have just added a PS directing readers here!

    see: https://julzcards.wordpress.com/2015/05/09/has-britain-gone-mad-the-election-results/

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