Rather extravagant – I bought TWO new albums!

Currency of ManI went into town, Staines-upon-Thames, just now to post a package. As I was passing the music shop, I suddenly thought of Melody Gardot’s new album, Currency of Man, which was published in UK last week while I was away. You may remember that I recently published a very moving preview of one of the tracks, Preacherman.

If you didn’t see and hear it before, you won’t regret a click ‘n’ listen now.

The Changing Lights

Searching for my choice, I spotted another album that appealed to me: The Changing Lights by Stacey Kent.

Uncharacteristically, for me, I splashed out on BOTH albums! I even bought the 15-track, rather than the 10-track, version of Currency of Man.

As a bonus to you for reading this far, I am adding in a Stacey Kent track that I absolutely adore. It’s not on this album, but please feel free to smooch along with me to its mellow tones.


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One Response to Rather extravagant – I bought TWO new albums!

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Reminds me to Antonio Carlos Jobim.

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