Review: The Lady of the Forest

The Lady of the Forest
The Lady of the Forest by D.J. Barnes

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I read this because I met the author in a local store. He works there as an assistant at weekends. During the week, he is an undergraduate student at a local university.

As I began reading, I thought that the story had the potential to merit a three, or even four, star rating from me. Very quickly, that potential was eroded as I came across example after example of really appalling writing. It reminded me of somebody telling a long, and very bad, joke in a pub whilst they gradually became inebriated.

Allow me to give you a few examples of this awful writing.

“If you try to come with us my sword will find a place between your chest. I do not mean to be like this, but you are weak and the legend tells us you will not make it. We cannot risk you leading us to our death. You must not follow us in case we hear the water. In case you get us killed,” said John.

Butterfly’s filled the skies

…and came across a hole in the ground. To call this a hole would be completely unjustified. It was a crater.

This was a pure light brighter than the sun and it dazed them.

He continued to roll until some sort of bright light blinded him and he hit the spongy floor of some place unknown to him.

“I want a bow from you beast. I want a bow that can shoot an arrow to the moon; a bow that will make me the envy of every other hunter and a bow that requires no arrows,” he said.


The story is about how a warrior, a hunter and a pauper who set off on a quest to find a legendary unicorn who could either lure them to their deaths or, if found, could grant each of them their greatest wish. You see what I mean about the potential of the story, don’t you? It is just a shame that it is so badly written.

I could not honestly recommend the book to any of my friends.

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3 Responses to Review: The Lady of the Forest

  1. PorterGirl says:

    I am sure the author will appreciate your honest review and use this to go forward and build on his skills. Sometimes I read books that are beautifully written but with little regard for any kind of story – I suppose that it takes enormous skill to achieve both. Best of luck to this chap with sprucing up his prose!

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