Top Notch Omelette

I am spending a few days bringing some of my “Titbits” blog posts to the fore, as my more recent followers may not have dived into that section. Here’s the third…


Lobster Omelette – Delicious!

“Oo dare to order plain omelette from zee keetchen of zee greatest chef in zee ‘ole Caribbean?!” yelled Jean-Paul at the terrified Grenadian waiter, waving his hot spatula inches from the poor boy’s nose.

“Twenty years of ‘ard graft in zee ‘ottest restaurants in Paree so I can prepare zee best New Year Gala Dinner menu ever seen in zees ‘emisphere, to be insulted by some reech American touriste!”

Five days later, most of the guests had departed and Jean-Paul sat chatting to the friendly, unassuming British couple who remained.

“No, no. Please. I like to ‘ear zee feedback,” insisted Jean-Paul.

“Well, it might please your guests if you could mix your haute cuisine with some laid-back Caribbean,” suggested the gentleman, tentatively. “For example, my wife resorted to just a plain omelette on New Year’s Eve.”

“Ah! YOU are zee geelty wan!” exclaimed Jean-Paul, leaping to his feet, waggling his finger threateningly in the direction of the terrified lady’s face.


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Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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4 Responses to Top Notch Omelette

  1. … Now i want breakfast. But I’ve already had breakfast…
    Great big hug! 😀

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    • I can tell you that a lobster omelette on a tropical beach is a dream breakfast.
      If you can follow that up with sitting in the shallows eating juicy tropical fruits, then you are in Paradise. Doing it that way is so that you don’t care how much mess you make with papaya and pineapple juice running down your chin, neck and chest. The warm sea is there to wash it off!
      Now you are in SERIOUS need of that second breakfast!


  2. Oh my! What an incorrigible chef! I’ll take that omelette any day over his haute cuisine. 🙂

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