Recent decline in fortune – but still boasting a proud record

On a recent trip to Barcelona, with the European Championship Final just imminent, I was telling one of my local friends about the Scottish football team that I have supported for the past 47 years. Dundee United, The Tangerines, The Terrors….

Although they play in terrific tangerine and black now, it hasn’t always been so. When I started supporting them they played in black and white. Really! And before you ask, it wasn’t my television. I was watching them live at Tannadice Park.

Despite some really terrible results in recent times, mainly because the club doesn’t have the money to keep up with the top British and European teams, we have a very proud record.

We are the ONLY British football team who has a 100% record against Barcelona in all European competitions. We have won every match that we played against them, home and away. Nobody else in these islands can boast that record.

And, to prove it, here is an extract from Wikipedia, so it must be true!

Dundee United F.C.

Dundee United FC logo.svg

Lance has this as a tattoo on his left arm

Dundee United Football Club is a Scottish professional football club located in the city of Dundee. Formed in 1909, originally as Dundee Hibernian, the club changed to the present name in 1923.[3] United are nicknamed The Terrors or The Tangerines and the supporters are known as Arabs.

The club has played in tangerine kits since the 1960s and have played at the present ground, Tannadice Park, since their foundation in 1909. United were founder members of the Scottish Premier League (SPL) in 1998 and were ever-present in the competition until it was abolished in 2013 to make way for the new Scottish Premiership which is the top division of the current SPFL structure.

Domestically, the club has won the Scottish Premier Division on one occasion (1982–83), the Scottish Cup twice (1994 and 2010) and the Scottish League Cup twice (1979 & 1980). United appeared in European competition for the first time in the 1966–67 season, going on to appear in Europe in 14 successive seasons from 1976. They also reached the European Cup semi-finals in 1984 and the UEFA Cup final in 1987. The club has a 100% record in four matches against Barcelona in competitive European ties.


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3 Responses to Recent decline in fortune – but still boasting a proud record

  1. Erika Kind says:

    Wow, congrats to the team!!! Very good. I was laughing about the black/white story…. 😃


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