Rednecks invade Howard’s time traveling bus

Howard proceeded to teach those Rednecks the Beatles:

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4 Responses to Rednecks invade Howard’s time traveling bus

  1. Lance… you didn’t have to take your life into your hands with this post. I know more than anybody should about rednecks. I could have just told you without you doing all this dangerous research…
    😉 Hugs!

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    • Just got back from work meetings in Florida. A few of my team are rednecks. They speak reeeeeal slow too. Not sure if it’s English though. Hard to understand!

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      • Oh is that all… Now Lance… Florida barely qualifies as southern (being so full of escapees from the north). So a Floridian redneck would be a rare bird indeed! If you want to know what s.l.o.w. talking is, look up somebody from an area known as Sand Mountain in Alabama. I grew up in the deep south. Once i spent a few days on Sand Mountain… hearing myself when i got back was like being trapped in a record played on the wrong speed. Beautiful place, lovely people. But they do speak very slowly. 😀

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      • That’s where the people I’m talking about are from – Ah-lah-bah-mah and Georg-eeh-aah!
        And you are right about SW Florida. It is full of retired rich people who are very right wing conservative and who think that saying “socialist” is talking dirty! 🙂

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