God and Meditation

This a a very thoughtful and thought-provoking article from Ronovan.

I enjoyed reading it.

My take on meditation is different, yet almost the same, as Ronovan’s. You’ll see what I mean.

I am no longer a Christian, although many would have once called me a devout and committed follower of the trilogy of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

I am not a follower of any other religion’s god or gods either. As far as I am concerned, these religions, and their thousands of teachings and books, are created by men and women as tools with which they can exert their will and power. The result is that the majority of this planet’s violent conflicts and atrocities, throughout history, have been motivated by religion. Even within any single religion, you will find violent conflict between the various sects of that religion.

The priests, gurus and immans will always tell us that any conflict or tragedy is “man-made.” Then they will give thanks and praise to their own version of god and move on, singing and dancing as they go.

So why do I say that my meditation is similar to Ronovan’s?

Because I believe in a universal energy which connects every object and living being through space and time. That energy is very powerful, and can be channeled for the benefit of people around us.

Ronovan would call that energy “God.” Others would call it “Allah.” Some may call it “Thor,” or any other number of gods. All religious followers would go on to attribute characteristics to that god and share them in writings such as the Bible or the the Kuran. All of the writings encourage love and tolerance, which is wonderful and I would encourage that. Sadly, many cruel people skip over those parts of the writings and pick out the morsels which feed and excuse their vicious behaviour.

All I do is sit quietly and feel the energy flowing through me and out into the universe. It builds like a furnace; full of heat, trembling power, colour, the sound of music, light, scent… Friends and their needs come into my mind. I channel the energy that flows through me and around me towards those needs. Sometimes it connects with great beneficial effects. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I feel calm and at peace with myself, the people in my life, all creatures who share this planet, and with the universe.

As I emerge from my meditation, I am ready for the rest of my day. If I have felt the connection with somebody who needs that energy, I feel a thousand times better and happier in myself.

Ronovan, thank you for your wonderful thoughts. Long may you continue with these meditations. We may be different, yet we are the same.

With much love .


Are you a Christian or even an Atheist and afraid of Meditation because you think it will turn you into a Buddhist, turn you away from your belief in whatever you believe?

Don’t laugh. A great many people associate Meditation with Buddhism because it is such a central part of that philosophy and way of life.

You’re already meditating.

Meditation, for Christians should not be something to fear. In fact, if you are doing as you should, you are likely meditating and not even realizing it. Each morning you should be spending quiet time preparing for your day by praying or talking with God. You are preparing yourself to not allow the events of the day to sway you or influence you.

During this time you are pushing the world out, those sounds and thoughts, and you are focusing on one thing, God. During these quiet times you may not…

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