Stand Up to Release.

It is true that it is tough to stand for what you believe when you are in the minority, but can you honestly live with yourself if you don’t?


caroline kennedy quote imageIt is not easy to stand up against your constituents or your friends or colleagues or your community and take a tough stand for something you believe is right. Because you always want to keep working and live to fight another battle and it might cost you your career.”~Caroline Kennedy

How often do people like to tell you that what you think is wrong or what you believe is wrong? And how often do you then stay quiet or back down?

A lot of people complain about the world but are silent when it comes to the things they have problems with.

Part of being positive in the world, finding your positive place and place of peace is to release those things inside of you. If you believe in something, then live that something. If you believe something is right, then stand up for that something.

Negativity comes…

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5 Responses to Stand Up to Release.

  1. 24/7/365. I’m a very outspoken woman. My Locker mates say I have no filter which is not always true but I do speak up for myself and against evil and bad behavior. The older I get the less b.s. I put up with. Most people especially men prefer women are quiet, docile and obedient well they won’t get that from me. Another plus of aging is that the older I get the less I care if others like me.

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  2. Yes. Actions speak louder than words. Apathy is a killer. Compassion, Love & Kindness gives life.

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