Review: Just A Woman: Marina Part 2

Just A Woman: Marina Part 2
Just A Woman: Marina Part 2 by Serena Akeroyd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is very difficult to review this book without giving away too many spoilers, both on this book and on the previous part of the story, A Bitch In Time: Marina Part 1.

The great thing about the way that Serena Akeroyd has written this story, is that she really brings out the conflicts that are going on in Marina’s mind. She is really torturing herself from beginning to end. Her dilemma is hurting her more than the physical pain that Nate is inflicting upon her body. She is living in fear, and want, of a severe spanking.

At first, she refuses to admit that she has been a Sub all her life. She believes that she has been a woman in control. To all outward appearances that is true, but Nate knows her better than even she knows herself. She realizes that she requires discipline. She need to be true to herself, not the fake person that she has been for most of her life. She has been kidding herself for far too long.

Nate sets about changing her, making her more honest. At first she is in denial, but she reluctantly goes along with his plan, and she discovers that she enjoys it greatly. The sex is fantastic, a real turn on.

Marina has been naughty and must accept her punishment. And she loves that word: naughty. Every transgression attracts three hard smacks on her bare ass. Her juices flow. She wants it, and she doesn’t. She wants that big release, but she may only have it when Nate grants it.

I need to read book three, Frustrated Instincts: Marina Part 3.

If I thought that it was so good, why did I only give four stars? Really, it is only because there were parts of the narrative where I thought Marina was dwelling far too long on her situation and history. I know that this is what the story is all about, and other readers may like this style, but I skipped through it very quickly so that I could get back to the action. Personal taste, I guess.

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