Review: Katie in Love

Katie in Love
Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Katie in Love?

I am in love with Katie!

I am also in love with Chloe Thurlow as a writer of erotica. She is the best. She really is good! I have read a few of her books now, and I have to admit that Girl Trade and Being a Girl stick in my mind the most.

It is obvious that Thurlow writes from a combination of her personal experience and fantasy, and her ability to expand on that by using her amazing creativity. As a regular reader, I find great fun in challenging myself to wrap my mind around where the boundaries between experience, fantasy and creativity lie. And I don’t think that she’s about to tell us.

Katie is a tale of how a New Year party encounter between author Katie and volunteer doctor Tom leads to an unlikely romance between these two mis-matched characters. The intrusion of Tom’s previous girlfriend into the storyline adds a bit of tasty spice.

There are many reflections of Chloe’s other writing in Katie in Love, so those are parts that I believe to be drawn from her true experiences. There is also mention of a little red kilt and then, of Katie’s best friend, Lizzy, Elizabeth Elmwood. It doesn’t take much detective work to make the obvious connections. See The Little Red Kilt

There is lots of very well described, very arousing sex throughout the story, especially early on. I love the way that Katie changes along the way. Eventually she has to make big, life-changing decisions.

There were times that I thought that there was too much reminiscence, too much description of Katie’s feelings and memories, especially when I had read very similar sub-plots in the past, but I think this is a matter of personal taste. Some readers may like the extended narrative. I Just wanted to move on to the next scene. I may be a a bit too impatient.

The one disappointment for me was that Katie and Lizzie never got it on together, or in a threesome. But that is just my own fantasies taking me to a place that the author did not want to take us in this book. Maybe something for the future, Miss Thurlow?

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