My trousers revolution.

Lucie is a one woman revolution.

Read this blog post, then read her book: A Woman with (No) Strings Attached. You’re sure to enjoy it.

Lucie Muses

I listened to Radio 4 today, driving to the gym. There was an American female politician talking about the dress code in the senate.

Apparently, it was only in 1994 when women on US Senate committees were allowed to wear trousers. She said “pants”, but I live in the UK, and not wearing pants is something entirely different. It is not impossible to imagine that some of those male chauvinistic senators would not mind that… sorry- back to the point.

It made me remember my own small dress code revolution.

I grew up in Prague, in a communist country. My American partner claims the only freedom we used to have was sexual freedom. Not for me, I used to be pretty repressed that way. Things change, ha?

But freedom for women to dress in trousers??!! I think that MIGHT have been a problem in my country before the First World War. Not…

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