Part II: Maybe She Needs To Push Away From The Table! (10 Secrets You Should Know)

This is Part 2 of an inspirational and very informative blog post. There are millions of people in the world who could prolong their lives, and enjoy their day-by-day living, just by reading this and following the advice. It is not too difficult to do this, and there is no need to be oppressively harsh on yourself. As the post points out, there is still room for treats, in moderation and with full awareness.

Three and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. That wasn’t the biggest shock. The biggest shock was that I found out that I was fifty pounds over my “fighting weight”. From when I left school until about five years after I left the Army after a long career, I weighed 175 pounds. The doctor weighed me in at 226 pounds! I set myself a fitness and diet programme to lose 50 pounds in 19 weeks. I lost it in 16 weeks. Over-achievement! I am proud to say that I have maintained my weight at between 175 and 182 pounds ever since. Approaching my sixtieth birthday, I am fitter than many twenty year olds. I run or row almost every day. Treats? I enjoy a glass or two of wine and an occasional bowl of ice cream.

So my lifestyle is totally in line with this article, and I can attest to the effectiveness of Doc KL’s approach.

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