Writer’s block…

Some great quotes here. I like the first one, “Discipline allows magic…”

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The inspiration over at Colleen’s this week for Writer’s Quote Wednesday was writer’s block. I dutifully searched out a quote…

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It struck me, with quite appropriate force, that many quotes about writer’s block seem to treat the whole affair as a battle… that the poor, beleaguered scribbler must gird themselves with the tip of their fountain pen, attacking their Muse with every ounce of aggression, hoping that the resulting wounds will bleed ink onto the page. Over and over the battle cry was sounded… is that, I wondered, really the best way?

There are always the ‘bad’ days, when the words don’t jump readily to play on the tip of your pen, when the keyboard sulks silently and the screen mocks you with a blank stare. Having said that, there are days when the prospect of going out to work doesn’t seem attractive or feasible and when pretty much everything…

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2 Responses to Writer’s block…

  1. Sue Vincent says:

    Thanks for reblogging, Lance. I like those first three words of the first quote better than the rest of it, I have to say.

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