Could you love a robot?

Intimate artificial intelligence

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From the movie Ex Machina (2015)

The robots are coming. In fact, they are already here, taking roles that once only humans could perform. Though we are still a far cry from sci-fi, we are already used to interacting with robots – at the supermarket self-checkout. In Japan, they are already being used to provide care for the elderly.

If a robot could be built to be as sensitive and caring as humans can be, would you want one? They could enter our lives so totally that we might even fall in love with them.

It’s time to think about robots: what they can do for us and what they might mean to us before we get in too deep.

The robots we could love

robot love 03Imagine a world where robots with artificial intelligence (AI) take the place of humans. Science fiction writers and film-makers have tried to do just that. These four thought provoking films examine worlds where humans have relationships with artificial intelligence – for better or worse.

CLICKABLE: A new kind of love

robot_dToday the idea of someone loving a robot may seem strange or even utterly wrong. Yet over history, opinions of what are morally acceptable actions and what are not have changed constantly. There may be no reason to think our attitude to loving an artificial intelligence will be any different.

CLICKABLE: The issues of robot relationships

Robot choice

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Our relationships with AI robots will bring up a range of new issues. These will include the possibility or reducing quality of life and exploitation of both humans and robots. By considering these issues now we can save ourselves from misery and heartache in future.

robot love 02How will society react?

This could be the biggest ethical decision of the 21st Century. When the time comes, will you embrace the robots?

Flick across to the original article to vote on how you would react and read some opinions on what might happen next.

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