No Prejudice – No Hate

I recently posted a blog in Silver Threading’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday slot, and Ronovan’s Be Wonderful on Wednesday page, regarding my strongly held view on prejudice. Today, I spotted the following image on Facebook.

It says it all really.

No PrejudiceThe current wave of prejudice and hate that seems to be sweeping through my own country and many other countries that I visit, depresses me and brings me to tears. It is fueled by politicians and the media, and is further built to explosive proportions by the viral and vile spreading through “social” media.

The voices of reason, tolerance and understanding must speak louder than those of prejudice and hate. Otherwise, I dread to think where the tide will take us.

One world, one people: care about them all

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3 Responses to No Prejudice – No Hate

  1. khansana1000 says:

    True ! thanks for great share!

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