Eleven Year Old Granddaughter Asks about Donald Trump

Laughter: Carbonated Grace

Her mom’s reply: My 11 year old asked me why people (Donald Trump) were saying we should deport all immigrants, Hispanic and Muslim, why he wanted to start a database or have people wear numbers, why he thinks we should close our borders to an entire race/culture, why he said such angry and ugly words about people. She said ‘a lot of my friends wear scarves on their heads. They are not bad people, they are nice and my friends’. I have tried to explain to her what’s going on. I have told her both sides. That bad people have done horrific things in the name of a perverted view of a religion. That those things keep on happening all over the world. She has seen some of the news coverage about it. She, in her 11 year old head, is trying to understand something none of us will ever…

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4 Responses to Eleven Year Old Granddaughter Asks about Donald Trump

  1. davidprosser says:

    So sad that a child can be so accepting of her friends and an adult can pervert it. If we could hold that childlike innocence all the time perhaps we’d finally achieve peace.

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    • Totally. And that is why I am strongly in favour of integrated schooling from the earliest possible age. I would abolish all single-faith schools throughout the world, if I had the power.

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      • davidprosser says:

        Me too, if we have to have Religion then each child should be aware of the others and learn respect for it. Personally, I’d like all children to be taught kindness instead and when they reach about 12 can learn and follow a religion if they want. What I see at the moment is parents brainwashing their children so that they grow with their parents views rather than their own.

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      • Yep! Hence my pride in my Step-mother as I describe in my piece “No Prejudice…” In my opinion, she made a great contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process, which went largely unsung.

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