Facing Mortality

I really love the raw emotion and open expression in this passionate blog post from Mello-Elo. She has totally thrown it out there, and what she says is so true.

Fellow bloggers and friends: let’s face the reality of the world together, support each other in times of trouble, share the enjoyment of the fun times and celebrate each others’ successes.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

I’m sitting here thinking about our mortality. We are trudging around the life-long treadmill only to find a weary end to our existence. If we are lucky we get in a few years of happiness before the light blots out. But, how many of us achieve our dreams and expectations before this happens? How many of us reach the plateau of contentment before the fall? There are millions of sites dedicated to giving you instructions on how to improve your life, change your habits, eat your way to a healthier lifestyle, reach your goals by placing you feathers in the positions A-B-C! Whilst we thresh out the bullshit trying to find the right solution, maybe it’s sitting right there, next to us, waiting to be noticed like a wallflower at the dance.
Receiving news that your friend might have the big C can squash your 2016 positive parade faster than…

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3 Responses to Facing Mortality

  1. davidprosser says:

    One of the amazing things I’ve found out about the net is that it’s more real than people think. The friendships are just as good as those around you and I personally have had tremendous support and kindness from my friends in this world.I’m happy to give any help I can to anyone in need and moral as well as encouraging support to any of my friends.

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  2. Thank you so much for reblogging my post Lance. It’s greatly appreciated. 😀

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