I bet you’re wondering what today’s pug-picture has to do with todays post……

You should take a quick look at this and some more of Robyn’s articles. She’s such a lively girl.

Sorry Robyn. I meant woman. I did read your article about realising that you are now a grown up, unable to borrow a fiver from the Bank of Parents et cetera.

A Girl In Europe


I most definitely am following through with this blog post even though I have no idea where it will take me because I guess that is the beauty of what pugs dressed as Honey Boo Boo can do. (And omg I can’t believe I’m wasting this picture on this blog post and not saving it for my new blog feature! THINK ROBYN THINK).

Well I guess nows the right time to explain how I could possibly come across this harrowing picture (I mean really the poor pug)…

Well I realised earlier on as I was broken heartedly uploading a picture to Instagram (a picture of somewhere hot and blue opposed to grey and well grey) that I usually always chuck in a cheeky “#blog#blogger” on the end.

But that’s when it hit me.

I’m okay when it comes to being #blogging in general, but when it comes to the tedious…

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