Author Interview: Lucie Novak



An Interview with Lucie Novak, author of A Woman with (no) Strings Attached

At first you were only a doctor, but now you are also a published author of the book titled A Woman with (no) Strings Attached. You have certainly come a long way. How do you feel about that?

Writing and publishing the book was exciting. But of course, I only wrote a book because my life has changed, and became very exciting even before I started writing it. Publishing the book, hearing from readers, realizing that they find the story interesting and positive, giving interviews and getting my author profile on Goodreads has opened a new world for me. I started interacting with other writers, and having a whole new alter ego, the writer Lucie Novak. I am trying to keep those two identities-the old me, the doctor, and the writer Lucie Novak – separate. That…

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