We are of the same blood, you and I

I am so totally with Lucie on all that she says here.

One world. One people. Care for them all.

Lucie Muses

Travelling in Germany.

20160212_120140 (2)

I am in Cologne. It is a nice city. All that history, from the Roman times.  Must have been even nicer before all those precious old churches were destroyed by the Allied bombing. But, as my German friend Hans said, it was the Germans that started it all. And copies of those churches are here now, to remind us.

It is strange to be here. I have known Hans for 40 years. He was my first love. Did not last long, he was a West German student spending two months in Prague on a work experience. Then he left. But our friendship lasted through all those political changes, our marriages, and our divorces. We are close. I came to visit and meet his new partner, a nice, kind, but very formal woman, who is everything I am not. She is petite, blond, reserved, polite, anxious, quiet. I…

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