Review: Return of the Pale Feather

Return of the Pale Feather
Return of the Pale Feather by E.B. Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The complex mix of the related characters in this book is marvelous. I just loved the way that the author made it all seem so natural. There are people from modern North America, the natives and immigrants of the same lands of the seventeenth century, and Norse warriors who arrived in the seventeenth century from almost a millennium before.

Some of this mixture have been born in each of the eras.

It does sound very complicated, but it all hangs together when you read the story.

It is difficult for me to describe much more of the situation, and the events which are described, without giving away too much of this book or the previous book in the series: The Legend of the Bloodstone.

However, you can believe me when I tell you that there are many conflicts and tensions to be resolved. There are tragedies to deal with, and the balance of much joy. I warn you not to become too attached to any of the characters, as the author has a wicked habit of killing off your most loved one just when you want more of him or her. But isn’t that like life?

Maggie is a very strong woman. Her twenty-first century attitudes do not fit well with either the native American, or immigrant European, societies of seventeenth century America, as you can imagine. Winn does his best to understand, and he will do anything to protect his wife. The bond is strong.

This is a really great book of well-researched historical fiction, human interactions through the ages, mild erotica, with a smattering of violence. It is even better than book one, and I am already half way through the third in the series as I write this review. That is how much the Time Walkers series has gripped me so far.

Well done E.B. Brown. More please!

Quotes that I liked from this book

E.B. Brown

“You break me, wife,” he said, his voice hoarse and low as he turned back to her. His eyes shimmered beneath narrowed brows. “You know what it means? It means I want you, as I want water when my lips thirst. As I want food when I have hunger. But this need, this need I have for you- it breaks me. It takes the breath from my chest. It drains the blood from my veins and the spirit from my soul. I cannot be, unless I can be here with you, like this. With our flesh touching and your heart beating here against mine. I cannot be, not without you.”
E.B. Brown, Return of the Pale Feather

E.B. Brown

“He felt her relax as his fingers caressed her back and moved lower to her buttocks, slick, yet firm, beneath the water.
“You’re not going to wash my hair, are you?” she whispered.”
E.B. Brown, Return of the Pale Feather

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