Swanwick a highlight in many a writer’s year!

This is a really good report of the wonderful week at Swanwick, written by Ann Perrin who was returning after an absence of many years. I was a first-timer this year. It is obvious that we shared a high level of enjoyment during that magical seven days.

Ann Perrin

Swanwick WritersSummer School is the oldest residential writers’ conference in the world.

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They say never go back and I have not attended Swanwick Writer’s Summer School for about 25 years, when I went for two years in succession. This year I decided to go back. It was then that I suddenly recalled my first lecture all those years ago.  The wonderful Margaret Thompson Davis, an inspiring novelist and author of hundreds of short stories. She had written crime novels and a saga based on her own childhood experience of living in Glasgow which was transformed into a stage production too.

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The late Michael Legat was there that year too. I gather he also served on the committee for several years. Michael was a complete authority on the way into publishing. He would tell you absolutely anything…

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