My Dog, The Terrorist!

I love Eloise’s comical stories about Henry Carlisle De Sousa. He is one hilarious mutt!

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Eyes wide open with dark pupils glaring into my soul, his mouth remained clamped over his latest hostage. My pleas and persuasion had fallen on deaf ears and now my voice held an angry bite, ready to do battle.

“Put the doll down, Henry,” I growled.

His head cocked to one side, contemplation stealing across his chiselled facade. Sad, pathetic dolly arms flumped as he swung his head to check for attackers from behind. He was safe for now. He only had to face me. But he and I both knew that back-up was on its way. The heavy footfalls of the Hubble were unmistakeable.

“Drop it, now!” My hissing voice reminded me of a stand-off in a spaghetti western. I should have worn my poncho for this!

Big mistake. As my thoughts trailed away, he took the opportunity to run past my outstretched hands and scuttle out of the…

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