Day 33 – Siena to Abbadia San Salvatore 

Both of Adge’s charities strike a chord with me but, today, the meningitis charity became even more pertinent when I received some unexpected, tragic news.

My friend’s teenage daughter came home early from work on Friday evening. On Saturday morning, she died from meningitis. I cannot imagine how he feels and I am truly lost for words.

Cycling the Via Francigena

Well I made the decision last night; Siena, mosquitoes and I were not compatible. With that in mind, I left to head South with Radificone as a possible destination. Foolishly I decided to let Mr Garmin have one more opportunity to redeem himself by taking me out of Siena… why did I bother? Mr Garmin now lives at the bottom of my panniers, I would rather place my trust in a handful of bones!

The day started overcast and quite chilly, but improved later, but is now threatening rain! The Italian towns and villages came and went and the beautiful rolling Tuscany countryside came up trumps – it also through in some seriously lumpy hills! Late morning as the sun was burning through, I caught my first glimpse of the majestic Mount Amiata, which would remain omni present and would almost become my nemesis!

The middle ground underneath the cloud…

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