Further to Revocation of Independence

In the light of the horrendous mess of the general election in the United States of America, I believe that this old article is more pertinent today than ever before.

Only God and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II can now save USA from a fate worse than death.

Enlightened Existential Empiricism

On my post, Revocation of Independenceralphfisher, rightly so, chided me for not adding a proper source.

Therefore, I began to investigate.

Many people believe that the original version of my post was written by Monty Python’s John Cleese. At first, I believed it so. Now is a different story and I have no idea who really wrote the original verson of the post. Was it really Alan Baxter of Rochester, U.K., or was it someone else?

According to Snope.com, among other sites, it wasn’t John Marwood Cleese. This is what they posted 26 August 2013 (Enjoy):

Origins:   Just as most any anonymous piece of cynically humorous satire about American politics and culture ends up eventually being attributed to comedian George Carlin, so the same kind of material gets credited to English comic John Cleese when it evinces a British viewpoint on American affairs. Unlike his fellow…

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