Review: Fierce & Fabulous: An Erotic Short Story Collection Of Leah’s Lustful Adventures

Fierce & Fabulous: An Erotic Short Story Collection Of Leah's Lustful Adventures
Fierce & Fabulous: An Erotic Short Story Collection Of Leah’s Lustful Adventures by Kitty Mulholland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Three very different short stories. I found all three are arousing. The connection is the main protagonist, the leading lady if you like, Leah.

The first is about a couple on holiday who get caught in the act on the beach by their neighbouring, Dutch couple, who then join in the action, much to the titilation of all concerned. I enjoyed it and felt as if I were a voyeur watching the scene unfold in front of me. Quite a turn on!

The second is a about “the inbetweener,” a man who Leah has on speed-dial to fill the gap between realtionships with wall-to-wall, no-strings-attached sex. It is fun and totally unrealistic, which makes for a high amusement value.

The final story is easily my favourite. Leah observes a hot, younger hunk as she completes her lap in the pool. She retires to the sauna to chill out and who should join her there but the hunk. As the sauna heats up, so does their passion. This is one that is bound to connect with many people who work out in one way or another. Feeling horny after a run or workout is not uncommon so this story could spark fantasies of steamy encounters in the sauna or communal shower area for many of its readers.

It’s all a lot of fun and well worth a read. I recommend it.

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