Review: When Pleasure Blooms

When Pleasure Blooms
When Pleasure Blooms by Lance Greenfield

I cannot review or rate this book, as I wrote it, but here is a bit of background information on where some of the stories came from.

The signature story, When Pleasure Blooms, just sprang into my head one day as I looked at an almost perfect flower, and thought how sensual it was. I challenged myself to expand that thought, to make it bloom, into an extraordinary story about a rare plant which is truly sensual and is capable of exuding pleasure.

Many parts of Mary Had A Naval Virgin are based upon events in my own life. I actually was a naval officer cadet, and I did hitch down to my shipmate’s home in Kent. And we really did hitch a ride with a man who was almost exactly as I describe him. The events up to a point in the story which you’ll easily discern when you read it, even the dialogue, actually happened! And it really was hilarious at the time.

I suppose I could’ve taken An African Massage a lot further than the short story that it is.
[It would have been nice to have Natalie visit Tony in London and see the sights, plus a little bit more.]

Highland Roots
expanded as I wrote, and I started to fall in love with both of the principle characters, Fiona and Bruce. There is so much of me and my own roots in this story too. It could easily have become a novel, but I decided to leave it there and move on.

As for On The Altar, it is absolutely NOT a male fantasy, as some have suggested. This was based on a recurring dream which was described to me in about three lines by a Goodreads friend in North America. She told me that she used to wake up from this dream at exactly the same point every night. That point will be easy to find when you read the story. She’d wake up feeling both very scared and very aroused. She never told me exactly what she imagined would happen next, but she was delighted with the way that I finished the story off for her. So this is actually a female fantasy from a professional woman.
[There’s an epilogue to that story. When I sent her my first draft, she read it at her desk and had to run off to the ladies half way through and finish reading it in a cubicle! That made me laugh! I can just imagine the scene in a legal company’s office!]

I created the book covers for each of the stories myself. I know that they are not up to top-of-the-market standards, but I can’t help feeling rather pleased with them.

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  1. Ina Morata says:

    It’s an extremely arousing book, Lance, and I enjoyed it immensely. When I finally get my reviews section live on my website, yours is first…um…up! 🙂

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