The Rolling Stones (1964)

This is priceless! Fantastic! And hilarious!

1964 – The Mike Douglas Show on US TV.

Mike interviews the rather shy (!) Rolling Stones and introduces three overwhelmed fans on stage before the group perform Not Fade Away.

It’s worth watching all the way through. I guarantee that you will COL (Chuckle Out Loud).

Here is your bonus: a supplementary video clip.

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4 Responses to The Rolling Stones (1964)

  1. scskillman says:

    I found the interviewer cringe-making, and the girls who came up were so overwhelmed – it was amazing to see how quiet & modest the lads all seemed when they were being interviewed in such a stilted way – but they all came alive when the music started!

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    • I couldn’t believe that the front man for a TV show knew nothing at all about his guests, not even their names! Then he made a hash of inviting a couple, which turned out to be three, of fans onto the stage. Then he didn’t know what song they were going to sing, even though, as Mick Jagger pointed out, it was on the auto-cue.

      THEN, and worst of all, he took the mickey our of Mick Jagger’s accent!
      If he’d tried that a year or two later, he may have been picking himself up off the deck.



  2. davidprosser says:

    I never see scenes of mass hysteria before a concert like that anymore so either they don’t film it or the fan base has moved on a bit. I wonder how the women would feel if any of them saw themselves being invited to come up an meet the Stones as those girls were.
    Who did all the screaming start with, was it the Beatles?

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