Review: The Utterly Ultimate My Word

The Utterly Ultimate My Word
The Utterly Ultimate My Word by Frank Muir

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I wish that I were this clever!

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I wish that I were this clever!, 8 Aug 2008

I used to listen to the radio show “My Word!” when I was a teenager living in Hong Kong in the early seventies.

The most popular and most talked about part of the show was when Frank Muir and Dennis Norden were asked to make up stories which culminated in an expression that was something close to a well known phrase or proverb.
I remember marvelling at the way that these two extremely clever, and funny, gentlemen managed to derive the expression that they revealed at the end of their stories. I tried to work it out before they arrived at their destination, which was fun, and very occasionally I felt the ecstasy of being right!

Having the privilege of being able to revisit these most enjoyable puzzles by being able to read through a book consisting 147 of them, is just too wonderful to describe. I have read through the book from front to back two or three times. However, it sits on my bookshelves and is frequently brought down so that I may just randomly enjoy a few of these stories at my leisure.

This is a book that you should obtain both for your personal pleasure and to leave lying around your house so that your friends and family can open it at any page and share your enjoyment.

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