The Voice UK – The Best is Over


Or is it?

My view is that the best part of The Voice is stage one: the blind auditions. This is what makes the competition unique.

Once the coaches-cum-judges have had sight of the contestants, the rest of the competiton becomes much like all the other protracted, television talent shows. I concede that there are minor differences but you have to admit that there are more similarities.

I was very excited by the very last act to perform in stage one, Ruth Lockwood singing Toxic. She is so refreshingly different and she has a wonderful voice and excellent control. The coaches who were unable to select her because their teams were already full, were visibily excited and rather envious that Gavin had been lucky enough to reserve his last pick for the woman who I believe could win it.

This is her performance from last evening.

I have looked her up on YouTube and found many other performances. I love her rendition of Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. She is very versatile. I feel that Gavin will bring out the best of her and if he can get her up there singing some original numbers, she will smash the opposition out of the park.

One more point in her favour is that she comes from South Yorkshire, which is where half of me comes from [on my Dad’s side. My other, Mum’s, half is a Highlander].

Good luck Ruth! You are my Number One!

#ruthlockwood #teamgavin #thevoiceuk

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1 Response to The Voice UK – The Best is Over

  1. As I predicted, the best is over.

    It really is over, as the classiest singer in the whole competition, IMHO, has been pushed violently from the stage.

    Ruth Lockwood will still be a huge star sometime soon.

    #ruthlockwood #thevoiceuk


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