Review: Sister Sister

Sister Sister
Sister Sister by Sue Fortin

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was excited when I started reading this book. It has so many really good reviews. Unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

As a psychological thriller, it is OK, and I enjoyed reading it. However, many of the twists and turns were predictable. There were a few that weren’t. The plot is very good, but I feel that more could have been done with it.

There were chunks of the book with which I became very frustrated. Firstly, the behaviour of Clare as the story unfolds. I couldn’t believe that a top solicitor could be so stupid. Also, there were parts that were simply not credible. I cannot tell you about most them without insterting a spoiler, but one of them which particularly wound me up was the central thread around a photograph of the long lost sister, Alice, and her friend, Martha. (view spoiler)

There were quite a few inconsitencies in the narrative. One which almost stopped me from reading on was when Clare is in Florida and tries to call her husband, Luke.

It’s early evening here in Florida, which, given the five-hour time difference, means that it’s mid-afternoon in UK.”

In actual fact, the five-hour time difference works out the opposite way around and it would be past midnight in UK. As she goes on to describe that Luke has taken their daughters swimming, it makes matters worse.

So my summary is that it is a good story, but the twists and turns were mainly predictable and there are too many implausibilities.

However, I would recommend it to people who want a psychological thriller to read on their sunbed on holiday.

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