Help Jeremy to help the children of Yemen

Tomorrow, thousands will take to the streets of London to run and watch the London Marathon. This is the biggest city marathon in the world for charitable support with over 75% of the runners putting the effort in for their worthy causes.

Among those heroic athletes will be my friend, Jeremy Barber.

If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE take a look at this and consider donating to Jeremy’s VERY worthy cause. You don’t even have to run 42 km. Jeremy will do that!
Literally every penny counts, so if you are charity-weary just sign in and donate ONE Great British Pound. You won’t miss it, but your donation will make a difference.
Of course, I hope that you will donate more if you are able to. Just sayin’ that every squid counts!

Thank you.

Jeremy’s text and the link to his donation page

Tomorrow is the London Marathon which I am running to raise funds for Oxfam’s work in Yemen. Today I was a pacer for the 5 kilometer Andover parkrun and finished exactly on target in 30 minutes. So far so good but the prospect of running more than 8 times as far tomorrow at the same pace is just a little daunting. These pictures show a bit about why I hope you will support Oxfam by giving using this link. Thank you very much to the friends who have already given.


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  2. Thanks to everyone who re-blogged, tweeted, or posted this article and especially to anyone who backed Jeremy and his worthy cause.


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