#weekendcoffeeshare: WAW!

WAW! – What A Week!

As you join me for coffee, I can tell you about a week that has included a run in the woods, two birthday parties, a catastrophic car break down, a visit to Stockholm, the purchase of a new car, and anticipation for the week ahead.

Kenley Birthday


Last Sunday, we joined with extended family in a local gastro-pub to celebrate the first birthday of our great-grandson, Kenley. The food and the drink left a bit to be desired, but the company was good and little Kenley had a whale of a time, as you can see.


Harewood Forest

Monday was a public holiday in United Kingdom. In the morning, I joined 143 other runners for my favourite annual race in the South of England: the Harewood Forest 10k. It is a most beautiful course through woodland, meadows and bluebells. I finished in 78th plaec in a time of 58 mins 42 secs. Not too shabby for a sixty-one year-old.

In the afternoon, we set off to take presents and cake to one of our grandsons, Reife, in Basingstoke. Just as we joined the A303 dual cariageway at the top of Winchester Road in Andover, there was a bang, a puff of smoke appeared in my rear view mirror, and the engine died. I cruised on to the grass verge and call the AA rescue service.. Despite the public holiday, my knight in shining yellow van apeared only twenty minutes later. He soon imparted the sad new that my trusty [Skoda Octavia estate] car of ten years and 240,000 miles service had died. The engine had completely seized. He towed me home and my son appeared to collect the presents and cakes. Sadly, we had to skip Reife’s party.

Later in the week, I discovered that replacing the engine would cost me around £3,000, which was the trade-in price of the car before it conked out. I decided that I needed a new car and started the quest to find one.

Lake Solna

Lake at Solna

On Wednesday and Thursday, I went on a business visit to Stockholm to meet with senior managers from one of our customers, a large Swedish bank. The meetings were very interesting, although challenging, and I felt that the outcomes were positive. A big bonus was that I was able to go for a nice little pre-breakfast, lakeside run from the hotel in the morning.

Golf Estate

My new car

This morning, Sunday, I was able to complete the deal on a brand new VW Golf Estate which I can collect on Wednesday afternoon. I had time for a short break, so I called in to Coffee#1 for a gingerbread Americano. Mmmmmmm! I checked with the manager, Matt, that we are all set for my book-signing session in that cafe next Friday afternoon. I am very excited about it and hope for a high turnout.

If you are in the Andover area, why not pop in for a coffee and a small purchase of Eleven Miles or Knitting Can Walk!?

Book Signing



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2 Responses to #weekendcoffeeshare: WAW!

  1. Joanna Lynn says:

    Congratulations on the books, the race finish and the time with family. Also, so sad about your car but the new one should be something to look forward to using for years to come.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Colline says:

    Well done on the placement of your run.


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