Women v Cancer – Ride the Night

The awesome Jo RichardsWe have all had family or friends who have battled, or are currently battling, with Cancer. It is horrible!

My own mother was beaten by pancratic cancer in 1999, and I have several good friends who are currently fighting against the Big C. Without exception, these women are very positive and I am full of admiration for them.

Next Saturday, the 27th May, me lovely friend, Jo Richards will cycle through the night over a 100 kilometre route from the Royal Windsor Racecourse into London and back to the Racecourse. She is doing completing this challenge in aid of three UK cancer charities: Breast Cancer Care, Ovarian Cancer Action and Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Cycling is not her normal mode of exercise. She prefers running. I think think that she is absolutely brilliant and tremendously courageous to even attempt this and I am confident that she will complete the course.

Route Map

I was one of the first to sponsor her. Many others have now done so and she has already been pledged far beyond her modest target. All I am asking you to do is to click on the following link and add to her total. She and her chosen charities need your cash more than you do! So whether you give a single pound or a thousand pounds, Jo will appreciate your contribution. Take two minutes to help her to smash her target. You  wont’ miss it but the charities will benefit.

What are you waiting for?


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2 Responses to Women v Cancer – Ride the Night

  1. davidprosser says:

    Pancreatic cancer took my wife four years ago.It has to be beaten.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that David. All cancer is horrible, but pancreatic is particularly vicious. My Mum departed with a clenched fist as she uttered, through clenched teeth, “Thank you God!”
      She’d always told my sister and I that she would fall victim to lung cancer and felt rather bitter that about the only organs that were not affected by cancer were her lungs.


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