Change inspired by ABBA 2017

There was so much food for thought at the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards event in London last Saturday, that I came away positively bursting at the seams. My brain became obese.

Of course there was real food too. Ritu and others provided some very tasty cakes which I could not resist. I promise you that I DID try.

Between the presentations and celebrations of the awards, there were very interesting talks by Suzie and Elena on how to monetize our blogs and make good use of Pinterest. With around four decades of training experience, military and technical, Suzie made me realise that there are real opportunities to use that experience to earn myself some cash. And having only used Pinterest to search for nice images, my eyes were suddenly sprung wide open by Elena’s descriptions of the possibilities. Quite amazing!

Then there was a panel discussion and much interaction with the audience. The first question came from committee member Ali Isaacs. Should we write our blog posts from the heart or from the head? My conclusion, prompted by a remark from respected panelist, Christoph Fischer, is that one should keep within the framework of ones blogging objectives and preferred topics, but write with passion. So define with the head then write the content from the heart.

Something which occurred to me as people introduced themselves and their blogs, is that it is rather boring to use your name as the title of your blog. Every time my namesake, L Mitchell, asked a question, she started with, “Lucy Mitchell, BlondeWriteMore.” To the amusement of many, when I asked my first question, I introduced myself with exactly the same words!

The name of my blog was my nom-de-plume, Lance Greenfield. This made a lot of sense to me, as the original objective of my blog was to promote my first novel, Eleven Miles. The longer term objectives were to promote my subsequent novels and to reach a wider audience for my other writing.

I started to think that I need a more interesting title to attract attention. Since both my novels fall into the genre of inspirational fiction, it seemed natural, eventually, that a suitable title could be Write to Inspire. I ran this past my best blogging and writing buddy, Eloise, and she enthusiastically endorsed my decision with the words, “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!” At that point, I almost changed my title to Chicken Dinner, but stuck with the choice that we seemed to agree upon.

I’ve kept the original title and subtitle as the new subtitle.

Hence the reason for the change in my blog title. Do you like it?

My new header photo is clipped from a sunset shot that I recently made from the beach in Naples, Florida.

About Lance Greenfield

Blog: email: I published my debut novel in December 2014: Eleven Miles. My second novel went live in February 2016: Knitting Can Walk!
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