Inter-Faith Marriages #MondayBlogs 

My view is that if you change just two letters of what Ritu’s gut tells her, you finish with “Love and let love.”

Whichever faith you follow, or even if you follow none at all, surely this is the best path to follow?

One world, one people: care about them all

But I Smile Anyway...

On Saturday morning I received a message from a friend.

She had forwarded a screenshot to a few of us friends, of an Instagram post from a Sikh Youth group here, supposedly educating against the use of alcohol or drugs, and ‘grooming’.

This shot showed, in clear view, a photo of a wedding card, for a couple due to get married today in my local Gurdwara.

The bride is Sikh, the groom, of African/Gujrati descent.

The message accompanying the photo was to basically phone up the temple and cause a ruckus about a marriage being held there between a Sikh and a non-Sikh.

Let me clarify here, she had sent the photo as a discussion item in a group chat a few of us partake in. She was not in agreement with the message, just horrified that someone out there was instigating people to go and ruin another person’s special…

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