GoodReads and Me 2 – Change is in progress

I am totally with Jo on this. I have been a member of Goodreads for many years and I have loved it. I love the friendships that I have formed over the years, the reviews that I’ve read, sharing my own reviews and news and the vibrancy of the groups to which I belong.

However, each change that comes along make me love Goodreads less.

I’ve decided to stick with it for now, mainly because of the encouragement that I have had from my GR friends, but I don’t know for how much longer.

Copying and pasting reviews has its limitations, as Jo points out in this article. The change, in my opinion, is inconsiderate to the millions of Goodreads members.

Jo Thinks & Writes

You may have seen my post about my experiences with GoodReads and how much I love the site that I posted a few days ago. (If not, you can check it out here).

I spent a good while gushing about how great it was and that one of the best things about the site was that I got to automatically publish my reviews from GoodReads, straight onto my WordPress blog.

Over the weekend, I checked my emails as I normally do, and noticed one from GoodReads that wasn’t the standard email update that I receive. Opening it and reading it, my heart sank. GoodReads had contacted me let me know that as of the 12th July 2017, they were no longer going to be integrated with WordPress. I would no longer be able to auto-publish my reviews.


Whilst I understand that technology changes and things move forward, I am not…

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