ASG Technologies Launch Exciting New Version of Workspaces

ASG Technologies Empowers Enterprises to Enable Digital Transformation with Launch of Workspace 10.0

Single-point solution aggregates applications and services, letting employees optimize how they access job-critical material, while ensuring the enterprise stays in control

ASG logo blockPress Release – Date & Location

  • Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2017
  • Location: Naples, Florida

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ASG Technologies today unveiled Workspaces 10.0, an end-to-end enterprise platform that delivers applications anywhere, bringing users a virtual desktop whenever and wherever they need it. The new Workspaces functionality is designed to meet the needs of today’s hybrid enterprises where employees are using a wider variety of applications, services and data sources on more devices and from more locations than ever before.  By delivering flexible, IT-sanctioned access to information, services and applications, Workspaces 10.0 transforms the digital workspace by enabling employee flexibility with IT control. The digital work environment is not static. As new services, applications, content and data sources grow, there is a critical need to incorporate these streams of information effectively. The ability to quickly build, deploy and manage web components to create custom workspaces is a key enabler of an organizations’ digital transformation and essential to business agility.  Workspaces 10.0 allows enterprises to do this in a custom way – aggregating streams of information for custom cross-application functionality.

“Every day, huge volumes of information flow into and out of hybrid enterprises, making the task of understanding and controlling it a challenge. Despite its complexity, however, extracting value from information, and making it easily accessible as it moves through the organization, is critical to business success,” said Swamy Viswanathan, EVP and Chief Product Officer, ASG Technologies. “ASG Workspaces enables an all-in-one approach that delivers not only a more user-friendly experience when accessing critical business information, but also increases employee productivity and engagement while reducing costs.”

Workspaces 10.0 offers:

Flexible and customizable UX

  • Customization and flexibility of technology solutions within the hybrid enterprise is critical to drive business results, enable the mobile workforce and engage employees.  ASG Workspaces 10.0 allows organizations to customize, both with branded material and in setting user access rights. Employees can also personalize their own view by choosing the applications and services featured. With built-in app delivery, and a flexible API, the UX stays the same across any device or access point and is open to integrate with existing infrastructure to leverage prior investments
  • A highly adaptable portal design enables customization and flexibility, allowing enterprises and partners to easily deploy technology and services.  ASG Workspaces 10.0 allows organizations to create custom widgets that pull data from multiple sources without opening applications, effortlessly integrating content and supporting workflows.

Context-aware, policy-driven information management

  • In order to keep control of information as it flows through the digital enterprise, it’s critical to have solutions that are able to identify who is accessing what from where. ASG Workspaces 10.0 lets enterprises effectively control employee access to content  and uses policy to cost-effectively meet compliance, privacy and security requirements

A single point of access and authentication

  • Employees can work anywhere, anytime, on any device with just a URL. Instead of having to go to multiple applications and sign-on screens, this one-stop location through SSO allows secure access to all the information they need to do their job, no matter where it lives within the enterprise. At the same time, enterprises can use this single channel to communicate and engage with their digitally-enabled workforce – a key factor in successfully managing mobile employees

Cost savings for the enterprise

  • Workspaces 10.0 is designed to be fully customizable by end-users and service providers, allowing for workspaces tailored to job role, enterprise or industry.  This flexibility gives organizations the freedom to leverage the technology best for each use case at the right cost, while ensuring updates and modifications will not impact end-user productivity
  • Multitenancy delivery method allows organizations to reduce the costs of investing in several deployments and maintaining agents on end-users devices. This not only removes the need for end-point software distribution and security, but also allows for connections to any third party technology to save on current investments.

Available Resources on Workspaces 10.0

  • Learn more about how Workspaces 10.0 can transform your business here
  • Contact us to arrange a meeting or learn more about how Workspaces 10.0 can improve your business.

Event Notification

ASG will be hosting its inaugural customer event on September 18-20 in Washington D.C. Learn more about EVOLVE here.

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